Throughout the winter terms it is likely that there may be some rainy days,  outlined below is what happens when the weather is wet.

  • If it is raining heavily before your child's lesson and it is forecast to continue, the courts get very wet and slippery and it is not safe to play - in this event we will put up a post on our facebook page ( to let you know that tennis has been cancelled.  Please 'like' us on facebook if you'd like to receive notifications this way!  If there is no post on Facebook then we are intending to go ahead with the lesson.
  • On some days however, it can be difficult to determine what the weather is going to do until the time of the lesson - in this case the class will go ahead and will only be cancelled if the weather worsens and the coach deems it too unsafe to play.   In the case of occasional showers and light rain, we continue on with the lesson. 

In the event that a class has been cancelled due to rain, we will send you an email after the lesson and let you know the time when your child can do a make up class. We will only offer credits (either refund at the end of the term or a credit on your next invoice) in the event that there is no time to offer a make up class - for example if we have many wet weather cancellations in a row, or if the cancelled class is right at the end of the term.